We are your end to end partner in IoT.

At Esplendor Industries, we developed end to end IOT sensors, actuators and edge computers, integrated with our X-CSP Mobility platform and our X-BRAIN AI toolkit.

Standard IOT solutions

Esplendor Industries has developed modular and integrated sensors and actuators according to your needs.

Just select the device fitting your needs and we deliver it to you, ready to work with one of our M2M SIM cards pre-activated.

You will be able to use it around the world for a pre-defined monthly price, including access to our support team.

Customised solutions

If you are running a specific project, our team of engineers available at Esplendor Solutions will be happy to develop a dedicated solution based on our set of devices and our X-BRAIN toolkit.

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Your benefits at a glance

Esplendor Industries supports you in all your IOT and M2M projects, from the initial idea, conception and proof of concept, to series production and worldwide operations.