Smart Modular Solution


X-CITE has developed a series of boards that may be connected together to create sophisticated interactive modular systems.


As the boards are modular, we can support all connectivity; WiFi, wired ethernet, cellular (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and narrowband) and LoRa. Our boards can even support simultaneous wireless connections.



By default, a processor board has to be used to power the basic functions of the device. On top of it, any of our sensors may be connected as independent boards linked to the processor board, e.g. for air temperature and humidity, geolocalisation, luminosity, etc.

Collected information is then transmitted to a central platform, such as our X-BRAiN platform, or processed locally on a SmartEdge computer.


Our modular boards support an ad-hoc battery board that may be recharged over a USB power supply or even some solar cells.