SmartEdge Computing Solution


X-CITE has developed SmartEdge-computing solutions that collect information from local sensors and transmit processed and transformed data to other centralised platforms within your system.


Our SmartEdge computing devices support wired ethernet connectivity.

Optionally, they support WiFi connections, cellular networks or both.

In case your devices run on LoRa, our SmartEdge computer may also act as LoRa gateway and connect all devices via the LORA service.


SmartEdge computers are used to pre-process data received from local devices, such as cameras or other sensors. SmartEdge computers run machine learning engines for data transformation and transmit centrally extracted and processed data for further analysis.

By default, our SmartEdge computers are configured to work together with our X-BRAiN platform.


Our SmartEdge computers usually run on external power sources and may be equipped with internal batteries to support any short disturbances in power supply distribution.