SmartEnvironment Solution


X-CITE has developed a series of air quality sensors to support our smart-building and smart-cities infrastructural use cases.


Our smart environment-quality boards may send the information to a central platform over a LoRa network or via cellular networks (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and narrowband).



The captors may calculate online air humidity, temperature, CO2 level, CO level, NO2 level.

By default, our air sensors are configured to work together with our X-BRAiN platform. In case the values exceed pre-defined limits, automated responses can be broadcast through the network.


Our air sensors work effectively with remarkably low power consumption and can run several years on a single battery. In case of frequent data transmission or usage of non-narrowband cellular network, air sensors are supplied with a rechargeable battery chargeable via standard USB power supplies.