Worldwide M2M connectivity

X-CITE offers a wide range of IoT Tariffs based on your unique business needs as one country coverage up to global networks.
We have close relationships with leading Mobile Network Providers, so we can grant you access to the best available networks worldwide, including NB-IoT.

Private 4G/5G network for your IoT needs

We as X-CITE are ready to use our X-CSP, our X-BRAiN, our wireless solution, and cloud experience to help you build a private 4.9G/LTE or 5G network that powers a successful digital transformation.

Our industrial-grade Private Wireless solution will help you use digital technologies to increase automation, ensure safety and security, and achieve new levels of quality, efficiency, and productivity.

One SIM, many form factors, multiple networks

Faster Time-to-Market

Our M2M SIM provides access to a wide variety of networks with just a single SIM card, available in various designs to fit your needs. We co-operate with leading Mobile Network Providers to give you access to more than 500 networks worldwide.

  • 524 Networks
  • 2G/3G/4G
  • NB-IoT NL, D, AT, CZ, SK, HR, HU

Reduced TCO & advanced Cost control

  • Reduced costs and complexity in sourcing connectivity by working with a single provider and benefitting from tailored IOT Tariffs based on your business requirements.
  • Save money: Cap data usage on SIM card. Activate and pause service when necessary.
  • Monitor costs on each device and control your IoT environment data consumption.
  • Full Control: Combined with our comprehensive next-gen IoT management platform. Utilise our powerful API to streamline business processes.

Management portal and NG customer care

  • Manage and control your connectivity in real-time with our cloud management platform.
  • Our dedicated customer success team will support you to make the most out of our connectivity platform.
  • Our support team is here to help you via AI-powered “Help Centre” across email, phone, chat, social media, and more.
  • We have offices around Europe able to assist you around the clock.



  • Multi network SIM cards – With access to at least 2 major networks in each country– Europe and worldwide.
  • No Network Steering – Our SIM cards will be able to select all available networks.
  • National Roaming– Access to typically all networks available – even in your home country.
  • Individually Tailored 
  • Commercial
  • Rounding blocks by 1KB.
  • No minimum purchase quantity.
  • No Minimum 

Our sales team is waiting for your inquiry. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time!


Our M2M & IoT SIM cards


We provide you with all possible M2M SIM card formats:

  • All SIM form factors like 2FF and 3FF up to 4FF
  • Multi-format SIM cards including all form-factors (Mini, Micro, Nano)
  • Special industrial grade SIM cards with more read/write cycles as well as higher/lower temperature ranges (-40 up to 85 or 105 degrees Celsius)
  • MFF2 format for industrial assembly / SMT part
  • Special solutions for aviation and automotive

Our sales team is waiting for your inquiry. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


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X-CITE IoT Connectivity Products

Multiple Mobile Network Operator – Sim Management portal platform, One Price and One Invoice.

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Public price list. 

Please find our public price list for SIM cards. Our sales team will be happy to prepare you a personalised quotation based on your needs. Please contact them to receive it.


Data in europeLIST price@500@1K@2K@5K@10K

Data outside Europe To follow

Connectivity Mgmt PlatformLIST Price@500@1K@2K@5K@10K
Active SIM0,12€0,11€0,10€0,08€0,06€0,05€

Usage charges

SIM MO in Europe

0,10€ / SMS

Overusage Data

0,10€ / MB

SMS MO outside Europe

not allowed

SMS MT in Europe

0,00€ / SMS

SMS MT outside Europe

not allowed


not allowed

What is “National Roaming”?

“National Roaming” brings an enormous advantage to many applications and IoT use cases. No network operator in the world has the ability to cover an entire country without any interruptions on the quality. A single nationwide network is subject to unavoidable limitations. In most cases there are areas with good coverage and areas with lower coverage. Furthermore, the distribution of frequency bands influences the quality of the data connections.


The ability to access all networks will guarantee the best connection and our M2M SIM offers you exactly that: Access to all available networks across a country.

Advantages of “No Network Steering”

“Network Steering” means that a specific network is favoured in a country.
This adjustment is carried out whether the network is the best available network in range or not. In fact, it is set automatically by the provider of the SIM card based on economic considerations.

Our M2M SIM cards DO NOT have such restrictions and are allowed to switch to the most suitable network in range.

Private LTE or 5G Network

Wi-Fi remains the most prevalent wireless technology in enterprise networks, but private 4G and soon 5G, are the answer for ultra-secure and highly reliable IoT applications.

Private 4G/5G can be deployed anywhere, including areas beyond the reach of public carriers, and can keep data on-site for security reasons. Private 4G/5G can be optimised to handle traffic types with specific requirements, e.g. real-time IoT applications.

Take your business into the digital age with a fully managed private wireless network operated by X-CITE using X-CSP and X-BRAiN.